IMDrops services: terms and conditions of use

This agreement describes the terms of provision of IMDrops (further referred to as “we”, “the company” or “our company”) package of Services to you (“the user”) including but not limited to IMDrops services, web-sites in the domain of or and software available for downloading from IMDrops and Union D web-sites).
By accessing or using the Services you agree to be bound by these Terms.

1 Basic terms and Definitions

According to the terms of the present agreement IMDdrops perform the services described below. Basic definitions that are used in this agreement:

2 Content

All content of the web-site (with the exception of the content posted on the web-site by its users) including but not limited to information, texts, documents, logos, image and sound files, software and services are provided by IMDrops or its partners, independent contractor, authors, developers and producers (further referred to as Independent Contractors). Intellectual property rights belong to Independent Contractors or IMDrops respectively. Parts of the web-content protected by intellectual property rights and provisions of other legislative acts, being the part of corporate style of IMDrops or Independent Contractors cannot be replicated or performed both entirely or partly. IMDrops, the logo of IMDrops or any mentioning of IMdrops are trademarks of IMDrops and can be duly registered. All other names, companies, logos, trademarks and symbols are trademarks of their owners.

3 User Information

User agrees to provide and maintain complete, trustworthy and up-to-date information. User agrees to update the information in order to secure adequacy, correctness and trustworthiness of the information provided. If the information provided by user is inadequate, false or outdated IMDrops has the right to cancels provision of services to the user with the full destruction of user’s data. Each user is responsible for any kind of activities which they perform (with their login, their computer or IP-address. Accounts of users (here and further, if provided by IMDrops, cannot be granted to other individuals and used by other individuals. IMDrops can block access to such accounts without a prior notification. Use of any services delivered by IMdrops on behalf of other users, with the use of accounts of other users (including but not limited to unauthorized access to any kind of data) should be regarded as the breach of this agreement and is not allowed.

You should immediately inform IMDrops if you have suspected that your account and/or login and password can be abused by other users or as a breach of this agreement.

4 User data

User bears full responsibility for all data uploaded to servers of IMDrops. Users control on their own (including but not limited to) access to the links of third parties. It is up to the discretion of IMDrops to restrict the time of user data storage, to restrict or terminate access to the content of IMDrops by various means, to create copies of user data for its needs and purposes as well as to access user data with the purpose of its examination to verify its compliance with the provisions of this agreement and to look for potential malware. IMDrops can contact a user using provided contact details to inform about critical from IMDrops point of view changes.

IMDrops cannot guarantee safety and protection of user data.

5 Appropriate access and use of services

IMDrops do not allow and do not encourage uploading and transfer of illegal data, pornographic adult content, especially with participation of children, encouraging illegal activities and xenophobic actions and violating the provisions of legislative acts of any kind.

IMDrops prohibit uploading of any data containing:

IMDrops has the right

To delete content if there is an evidence that it will be used with intentions to violate the law or this agreement To delete content being distributed without awareness of its authors or without a legal consent of authors To block access to services for the users distributing such a content It is forbidden for users to keep or upload content of adult (including but not limited to pornography and erotic) content or all kinds of aforementioned content. IMDrops has the right to define what can be categorized as a content of these kinds. IMDrops has the right to suspend or block the access to services to the any user account, violating these conditions.

5.1 IMDrops will be cooperating with police and to report about all cases of breaching or attempting to breach any applicable law. Users, their content, data and user accounts will be deleted from the service upon the commitment of criminal actions or violations of applicable law

5.2 User should not upload or contribute to uploading of information which can undermine reputation of other individuals, promote xenophobic and racist actions, to reveal personal data without the awareness of a user or without his legal consent.

5.3 Interruption of services or any attempts to interrupt functioning of services are strictly prohibited. This will lead to legal prosecution. Examples of such actions (including but not limited to):
5.4 Content under intellectual property rights

Use of IMDrops services can pursue only legal goals. Distribution, transfer or storage of any materials aiming at breaching applicable laws, including customs code are strictly prohibited.


Despite the fact that applicable laws can be different from USA law, IMDrops protect the rights of intellectual owners in accordance with DMCA. Any individual attempting to violate the provisions of DMCA will be restricted in access to the services up to the cancellation of the present agreement and suspension of the access to the services.

If you think that an individual, user or a file violates your intellectual property rights, please provide to the DMCA agent of our company the following information: A message containing all aforementioned information (DMCA agent) you can send to the e-mail:

7 Disclosure of information. Complaints.

IMDdrops can disclose information regarding your use of IMDrops services, downloading data via IMDrops and all data on servers of IMdrops in in accordance with applicable laws if this is required without any prior notification to a user. Despite a legal or illegal nature of some actions IMDrops enjoys the right to define what is being done in accordance with interest of users of IMdrops and what is against their interests. Despite the fact that IMDrops provides the interface for uploading files, this tool should not be used for storage of data. If we suspect that some users abuse virtual space, we will block user accounts and access to services of IMdrops for these users without their prior notification. If you wish to inform us about possible misconduct you can do it via this contact form.

8 Guarantees

You understand that:

9 Protection from losses

You are obliged to protect the services of IMDrops from losses of any kinds, to maintain a good reputation of IMDrops, its employees, owners, employees and agents, including protection from all consequences of using or mentioning of all services related to IMDrops

10 Restriction of liability

If you are not satisfied with any of our services or the provisions of this agreement or other rules and policies regarding IMDrops, the only possible solution can be to terminate the agreement and stop using the services of IMDrops. You are well aware and agree that IMDrops is not liable for any kind of direct, indirect, deliberate or accidental losses, including (but not limited to) missed profits, goodwill or other intangible losses (even if we have been notified about the possibility of such losses), as a result of: Utilizing or impossibility of utilizing IMDrops services Unauthorized access or change in your files, downloads or data Statements or conduct of a third party Any other kind of aspect regarding the services

11 Amendment of rules, policies or ways of service provision

IMDrops can amend this policy at any time without prior notification. Please constantly track the updates of this document. If you are not in agreement with our rules or would prefer your contact information to be deleted from the system, please contact us via contact form. We also have exclusive right at any time to amend or suspend services temporarily or permanently without prior notification. You are in agreement that we are not liable against you or any other third party for amendment, suspension or termination of services.

12 Termination of the agreement

After termination of this agreement all rights of users stipulated by this agreement as well provision of IMDrops services will be automatically cancelled.

13 Other agreements

Except for other agreements and conditions that can be found on IMDrops web-site, this agreement is being expressed with a full understanding both of you and us all provisions of this agreement. You are in agreement with this and fully agree with terms and conditions of using the services. IMDrops can at any time amend this document, its services, web-sites of software or cancel the provision of services.

By pushing «Next», installing Image Tools or uploading files on IMDrops servers you confirm that you have got familiar with the present agreement and accept all conditions of it.